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What others think:

I’ve been to a lot of these events before and you know, some of the things I learned from Bob, who’s clearly the real deal, I can take and just simply put into my real estate business or consulting company I own and make a huge impact. – Joe G

If you’re thinking about going to a Bob Gries workshop, stop thinking about it– make time, go do it, you won’t regret it. – Jim F

If Bob’s workshop is coming to your city, you need to stop what you’re doing and run down there. If you’re looking to build wealth and gain financial independence, Bob is the real deal and he can help you change your life. – Kenny R

Skip the Harvard MBA Program. Go to a Bob Gries seminar. I’ve made over a hundred thousand dollars. – Marty K

If you are even thinking about going to a Bob Gries Investment seminar, definitely go. You will be learning from the master. –David C If you’re a real estate novice looking to get in the market now, it’s a perfect time. Go to a workshop with Bob, He will teach you how to do it. – Paul H

It’s Time You Make Money!
At this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Buy properties from banks for pennies on the dollar
  • Find, fund, and cash in on today’s discounted market
  • Buy distressed businesses
  • Build cash flow from the soaring rental market
  • Buy properties with none of your own money

YOU CAN make $10k in less than 30 days!

Bob Gries is a business & real estate tycoon and sports franchise owner. He has made $50 Million in the last 3 years buying real estate & distressed businesses from BANKS & Other MOTIVATED SELLERS!

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Banks have billions of dollars worth of PRIME real estate and other assets for sale at PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR – and Bob wants to show you how to find them, fund them, and cash in.

Plus you’ll discover how you can partner with Bob to use his MONEY, to make money!

100% of Bob’s earnings from this business will be donated to CHARITY! Bob is on a mission to help ordinary Americans accomplish EXTRAORDINARY THINGS.

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Don’t let this opportunity of a lifetime pass you by, IT MAY NEVER COME AGAIN!!

Who should attend the FREE Bob Gries Event

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Investors
  • Real Estate Beginners
  • Career Changers
  • Retirees
  • Single Parents
  • Experienced Investors looking for Powerful NEW Strategies